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Welcome Back! Wondering What's New with Us?? Keep Reading to Find Out!

Welcome back to JD CNC and thank you for joining us here, this week, on our blog. We are so excited that you have come to see what is going on at our small business. The months of August and September have been really busy at JD CNC and we have a lot in store for our future....and ultimately for our customer's futures, as well. We have been working on many different products, classes, merchandise, event ideas and so much more. We have so many opportunities to involve our customers with more than just buying our products and we are really trying to improve on those capabilities more in the future months! We hope you are excited for all that we have coming!

New Items in the Shop? Of course!

Picture 1: A snapshot of merchandise we have uploaded to the website.

This past month we decided to give our customers the chance to support our small business in a way that we didn't offer before! Not every product on the website is suited for every customer that we have so.....take a look at our merchandise! If you are looking to support JD CNC because you love us and what we are about, BUT you don't see anything yet that suits your fancy, think about buying some of these items off of us! We have clothing, hats, and tumblers for right now and we will continue to add more as we come up with items that we feel our customers would like!

Purchasing merchandise from us is perfect for so many reasons. It will give you the ability to support small businesses, while also giving you the opportunity to share about our small business if someone asks what JD CNC is! Since you are here reading the blog, which we are so appreciative of, we are offering a 20% OFF discount code for you to use on all things JD CNC Merchandise:


Use this code on the website only and get a special discount! We thank you for all of your support! Click here to go to the Merchandise Collection:

New Equipment for New Capabilities!

We are always trying to learn new skillsets, so that we can continue to grow as a company. Learning new skills help us to be better at what we do and not only give you high quality products, but a great array of products to choose from too! With the purchase of a new camera that goes inside of our laser, it opens us up to a great deal of products/capabilities that we weren't able to do before. We are working hard at trying to perfect these new skills, before we go ahead and advertise, but we will give you a few ideas of what we are going to be trying to do.

Picture 2: New camera and case that has been purchased to improve work.

This camera will allow us to more efficiently do custom one-offs. As in, it will cut the time significantly down when we are aligning products in the laser with their respective designs. It takes some time to make sure that everything is centered and straight and this camera/scanner will do a great job at decreasing the amount of time that it takes. The best art of this camera (in our opinion) is going to be our ability to take handwritten or hand drawn pictures or documents and scan them. Scanning them with them allow us to take your design directly from the document you created, scan it, transfer it to our software and the place it on the product of your choosing.

For Example:

Say that you have a recipe that was handwritten by an older family member, and you want to do something to commemorate that by. You can bring us the document and we can place it in the laser with the scanner, get that document in a usable file format for us and then engrave this handwritten recipe onto a cutting board or serving tray. This would be great for holiday gifts or for keepsakes around the kitchen.

Picture 3: Example of what we will be able to do.

This is just one of the many options that we are going to have here in the near future so please keep a look out!

New Software!

One of our most exciting advancements yet is the new software that we are going to be incorporating into our website. One of our many struggles here at JD CNC is the time that it takes going back and forth with the customers when designing new products. The process can take weeks until we have achieved a perfect end product for the customer.

Picture 4: Example how you will be able to customize your own products soon on JD CNC.

This new plug in for the website is going to take a lot of that hassle away. Once we get it set up, you will be able to customize the design on any of our given products on the website. It will be a simple and an intuitive drag and drop program. You pick the product, pick the design and pick the placement of where you would like it. It is as simple as that! That will allow you to quickly get your design finalized.... EXACTLY how YOU would like it!

The software can then send us a usable file and we can create your product and get it shipped out as soon as possible! This is really going to speed up the process and allow for a more accurate representation of exactly what you want. We are doing our best to get this set up properly, so that it is a seamless transition for everyone!

Here is a link to the demo of the new software that we will be incorporating into the website. Feel free to take a look at it and leave a comment on what you think down below.

This is just a sample that is used to show the capabilities of the software. We obviously will make it more in tuned to our client base and our products specifically, but please take a look!

New Classes!

Yet one more project that has been in the making are the classes that we are going to offer to help you learn more about a plethora of topics. We are starting with lessons on how to use some of the software that we started out with here at JD CNC and then working our way up to the software that we use now.

Picture 5: Online program not yet published, but in progress.

We are halfway through our first learning set on "Inkscape", which is what you can use to design files to use on any laser engraving machine. We are working through the details right now, such as the printable workbooks to follow along with as well as the video lessons. We are going to have some classes that are beginner level classes and some classes that are a little more advanced. We hope this will get people more involved in what we do as well as teach people a bit more about what we do behind the scenes.

We are currently still working on our pricing to make it fair for the customer, as well as allow us the budget to continue to do more lessons in the future. What you see in Picture 5 may not be accurate to the price and is subject to change upon further discussion.

New Collection? Definitely!

We understand that it isn't even December yet, but we have been having so many questions about our Holiday Collection already! We are working very hard to try and make those items available for purchase on the website in the next month, so please keep checking in. We will also make an announcement on our Facebook post when we officially make the collection open to the public.

We are working on a large collection of Christmas ornaments. These Christmas ornaments have yet to be seen or posted here on JD CNC, so this is very exciting news. A little sneak peek of what we are working on are shown in the picture below.

Picture 6: Holiday Collection sneak peek. Color options are subject to change.

We are working on an all-encompassing collection that will allow everyone to be included and have their own special ornament.

Our goal is to have the holiday collection posted in the first week of October. If you would like to be personally notified when this collection goes up, please go to our website and create an account in the upper right-hand corner. This will put you on a newsletter list and you will be personally notified with all updates on JD CNC including the holiday collection coming out!

Thank you!

We appreciate every single one of our customers and are grateful that we have such a fantastic following! You all are what keeps us going and give us the encouragement and motivation to be better! Again, thank you all for the support, wou are all amazing!

Thank you so much for reading our blog! Stay tuned for more blogs, classes and new products on the website! Don't forget to create an account with us to sign up for the newsletter!


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