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What's Going on over at JD CNC? Keep Reading to get Caught Up!

Welcome back to JD CNC and thank you for joining us here, this week, on our blog. We have been very busy these past few months trying to get ready for the upcoming holiday, and continually preparing for 2023. This isn't going to be our longest blog post ever, but none-the-less it will be filled with information that will give you an inside look to what is going on keep reading!

This Weekends Adventures!

This weekend we had the chance to meet some wonderful people at The Woodlands Foundation in Wexford, PA. This foundation is put in place to, “Enrich the lives of children and adults with disability and chronic illness.” They have camps, retreats, and other programs that they host all year around. They also do events that are open to the public such as the Fall Festival that we were asked to partake in this year!

This was such a GORGEOUS place and you guys should definitely look at their website to get more information on what they do. Every person that we had the chance to talk to there had a great attitude and worked extremely well with the kids and the adults. They had a costume parade, a chili cook-off, pumpkins for the kids to paint, and so much more!

The staff was wonderful and so was the whole atmosphere! We definitely look forward to working with them in the future and being back for the 2023 Fall Festival!

Image 1: Jackie on one of the tractors set up at The Woodlands Fall Festival.

Holiday Products

On top of our fun little adventure, we had this weekend, we also were working on some new Halloween products, some of which we took to sell at the Fall Festival! We are working on Halloween lanterns, pictured below, and working on a plethora of DIY kits and new signs. We are hoping that we will have our first group of listings posted this coming weekend!

Image 1: Some of the Halloween lanterns we were testing out at the fall festival.

We are planning on encompassing all of the end of the year holidays together with these holiday listings. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas products. We have things from home décor to DIY kits! We plan on releasing our first set, like we said, on Saturday the 15th and then every weekend after that we will be releasing new products!

We will announce our product release through email and on social media and then you will be able to purchase them on the website! So, stay tuned!

Photo Engraving

One of our bigger improvements for the end of the year here is trying to perfect how we can engrave photos on multiple different medias. We have been doing some research and decided that our CO2 laser was not going to work for what we were looking to do.

So, we have decided to invest in a diode laser. The laser beam of a diode laser in comparison to a CO2 laser is significantly smaller. Therefore, we have had the ability to get much more detail out of our diode laser than we had the ability to get out of the CO2.

We plan on doing personalized slate coasters and slate plaques first. We are just about ready to have them posted as well!

Laser Everything

We wanted to make a shout out to a fellow laser community that we stumbled upon this past year that we have found EXTREMELY helpful. Not only with laser technique, but business techniques as well! Laser Everything is a community of laser engravers that are there to help you and help teach their followers about all of the different kinds of lasers out there. They helped us to decided which diode laser would be most effective to get for doing our pictures.

They have a lot of resources and information that can be very helpful. Check out their website below and all of the cool courses, downloads and resources that they have available!

Thank You!

We know this one was a short one, but we have been so busy trying to get the holiday collection up and ready for purchase we haven’t had much time to start many more projects! We will for sure keep everyone up to date with what is going on and we are so glad that you have continued to read the blog and stay up to date with us! Thank you for your continual support!

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