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2023: This Year at a Glance

Our 2022 was, quite frankly, one of the best years that we have had as a company. Not only financially but also reaching our goals and expanding what this business is all about. It was such a fulfilling year, and we are so excited to use what we learned last year to plan out what we will be doing this year! We have so much to tell you about, but we are going to try and keep this short and sweet. We want to just give you a little taste of what this year has to come. So, keep reading to see what is staying, what is leaving, and what is improving in 2023!

What is Moving with us to 2023??

Yes, we are expanding and evolving, however, we have found a lot of products, ideas, and methods that we will keeping with us, so don't worry!


For starters, these blogs not only give us a way to get information out to our followers, but they act as a creative outlet for our writers. All in all, these blogs are beneficial for everyone and will be staying with us!


Our website for JD CNC will not be going anywhere. We are going to continue to use our website as a means to sell our products, register for events, and post our blogs. We found that having one unified place to send our followers is the most efficient.


Social media, including the Facebook page, will be staying as it is a quick and easy way for our followers to get in touch with us and peruse through photos.


Our first ever event last year was a HUGE success and got a lot of reactions from followers wanting to attend the next one. So, we will be hosting loads of events this year, starting with our "Built with Love" event. Keep an eye out for registration!

Photo 1: Group photo at the First Event

What will we be leaving in 2022??

Growing as a business means swallowing your pride and realizing what works and what doesn't work. Even if you would like to say yes to a lot of fun projects, sometimes, time and money just dictate otherwise... and that is okay!

Large Projects:

We have a lot of our own business projects that are in the making, so please do not get discouraged if we do not have time for large projects. This includes, but is not limited to products that we do not already have designed. We would much rather tell our customers that we are unable to complete them, then say yes and us not have time to do so.

Previous Location:

In the next few months, we will be moving locations! We have come across a space in town that we can use, not only as a shop, but as nice storefront and small event space. The details are being worked out as we speak, but this is EXTREMELY exciting and wonderful news!

What will we be improving in 2023?

There will be a lot of different aspects of our company improving this year as we always are improving and growing. Our customer base is growing and changing and we strive to do the same!

Social Media:

Our presence on Facebook has been growing and this year we are going to slowly expand to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and also Tik-Tok. This will not be all at once, but we will be working to expand our social media presence.


This year, we are going to try and create products that are unique. We don't want to be recreating product after product that you can find online with one Etsy search. We want to create unique ideas and products that help us to stand out. Starting with this Spring! Stay tuned for our unique all wooden flowers, bouquets, and arrangements! They will be available for purchase by the end of the week!

Photo 2: New Laser Cut Wooden Daisy

This is only just a small taste of what we will be doing in the coming year, but we are so glad that you are still following along with us! Without all of our readers and followers we would not be as successful as we are!

Thank you and we are wishing everyone a fantastic 2023!

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